Saturday, December 31, 2011

I know I am slightly crazy to do this.............but I suffer from STARTITIS and I have to do it! So here is my list to start for this challenge for January 2012. Wish me luck!!!!!

 ByGone Stitches -Quaker Christmas II

 L&L Isabella's Garden

TM Aury In Memory of Mother

rosewoodvintagelace.jpgRosewood Manor - Vintage Lace

Chatelaine Designs - Egyptian Garden

with thy needle and thread
wordplays all the months

Quaker Compass from Rosewood Manor Rosewood Manor -Quaker Compass
 Mirabilia Royal Holiday

 LHN Hillside Travelers

Sabrina - Mirabilia Pattern Mirabilia Sabrina

 Rosewood Manor Past &

Paul Revere's Ride - Cross Stitch PatternWillow Hill Samplings Paul Revere Ride
 In the Sweet by La-D-Da
Cherished Stitches
Halloween Quaker


  1. Definitely certifiable but some gorgeous pieces! Look forward to seeing your progress, will be cheering for you, Paula!